Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good Day

The sky is a lovely shade of blue today, and it's warm with a nice breeze. The dog is worn out from running laps around the backyard, we've made some progress in the sideyard, and I'm feeling healthier than I have in a couple of weeks. In fifteen days we will have lived in this house for a year, our very own house! We still have so much to work to put into it, and we're as broke as they come, but that's okay - this is our home. Good things take time and plenty of effort, and this place already looks a thousand times better than when we got here. We're getting there, slowly but surely. Our ornamental plum tree in the backyard


At Saturday, July 02, 2005, Anonymous Jenny said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year already. Time flies. :)

And I'm so glad you're feeling better, but keep your appointment on Tuesday anyway, okay?

I don't know if you're around, but if you are, I'm looking for you on Yahoo Messenger. ;)

At Sunday, July 03, 2005, Anonymous Limey said...

Im also delighted that you are feeling better. However, that Jenny is right and keep your appointment!


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