Saturday, August 06, 2005

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I've moved over to Typepad! come on over! (All the old posts are moved to Typepad, so while I still have them and all your lovely comments, I took them down here. )

Friday, July 29, 2005

Too Hot to Garden

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Today I had some off-site training at a rural location, which was awesome and I loved it and the people I'll be working with are great blah blah blah. That's about all I should say about it, really, but it should prove to be quite interesting. Anyhow, as I was walking to my car, I came across the biggest, shiniest, blackest, most flying-est creepy insect ever. Ever. It apparently wanted to be my best friend/kill me and take me home to feed it's young/ do the samba. Freaky-deaky would not leave me alone hey I'm walking pretty fast here can you not take a hint? Aaaack. HORK. HORKHORKHORK. Plus, eeewww. I did a ridiculous dance to and around my car, trying to look normal while rebuffing the voracious advances of the dive bombing Nasty-on-Wings. I couldn't get into my car because it kept so close to me - I did not really want it's co-pilot services, at all. HORK. So, I spent ten minutes waving my hands and papers around hoping it would eventually give up, thereby putting on a good demonstration of "crazy." I hope everyone was entertained.

Fortunately, the event was documented in a very nearly accurate fashion.

Monday, July 18, 2005


This was the height of my dancing career, where I wowed the crowed by...standing there. I was the straight man, the stooge, all the glory around me, but not on me. Or, was I in the spotlight, a lone beacon of serenity in the chaos of the ungainly, the overwhelmed? All I know for sure? I had the best dress.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The 70s, They Were Orange

This was either 1975 or 1976 - didn't I have the coolest wallpaper? I'm guessing that's why everything else is orange, lol. We moved out of that house in the summer of 1976 and I ended up with flocked wallpaper, blue and green daisies! Flocked wallpaper is a no, I don't care what year it is. I only remember a couple of things about that house, even though I was 5 when we moved. I remember that wallpaper (who wouldn't?) and watching television reflected in the hallway mirrors when we were supposed to be in bed. My parents still insist that couldn't have happened, that the angles were all wrong, but my sister and I know the truth. Oh, and I remember the one upstairs room and huge green glass hanging lamp in there. I'm hoping I'll remember more when I'm old; I won't know what happened ten minutes before, but I'll tell you all about some random thing from when I was four, or something. Jenny, sorry to disappoint with this post! ;)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Meet Those Wacky Animals

Name: Cookie

Age: 8ish

Background: She was found as a puppy by the side of a highway, by a man named Taco. Lived with my then-future MiL until she came to us 3 years ago.

Likes: Greenies, "going for a ride," sleeping, running laps around the backyard while leaping like a dolphin, having everyone at home so she can keep an eye on them

Dislikes: Anyone walking by her property, baths, little shit dogs who don't know how to have fun


Name: Tucker

Age: 2

Background: Purchased for $80 from a nutty woman; previously rescued from a sealed cardboard box. He was given complete nut-ectomy at some point. High internal PopRock content

Likes: Cardboard boxes, sleeping, laps, Cookie's tail, bug hunting, leaping about in the shower (without water), printing documents, shooting laser beams from eyes

Dislikes: Polar bears, ankles, rap music


Name: Li'l Bastard?

Age: 6ish

Background: Clearly demonic, my sister purchased him from the local animal shelter for my grandmother.

Likes: My sister's Labrador retriever, people, being sprung from the pokey

Dislikes: Cookie, keeping his tongue in his mouth, photos revealng that Satan is camped out in his head

Please note that Cookie and the Evil One are separated by the slider in this photo.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good Day

The sky is a lovely shade of blue today, and it's warm with a nice breeze. The dog is worn out from running laps around the backyard, we've made some progress in the sideyard, and I'm feeling healthier than I have in a couple of weeks. In fifteen days we will have lived in this house for a year, our very own house! We still have so much to work to put into it, and we're as broke as they come, but that's okay - this is our home. Good things take time and plenty of effort, and this place already looks a thousand times better than when we got here. We're getting there, slowly but surely. Our ornamental plum tree in the backyard

Friday, July 01, 2005

So Much for Gardening

At least for now! I was interrupted by the fellows that constructed this fine piece of work. That's a terrible picture but it's a hornet's nest, and they were rather cross when I shot it down with the hose. They are very persisitent creatures. I also found some very strange things just below the soil, very squishy and white. Some kind of fungus? Do you have any idea? Yes, we do have a horrid crabgrassy lawn, but what are those nasty things I pulled out? Besides gross, that is. I tried to take a picture of my hands to show you what my gloves had done to them, but it wouldn't show up very well. In real life, my hands and nails are now bright green. I hope very much that they don't stay that way. I did accomplish quite a bit though; there is a nice pile of weeds and petunias on the lawn (which I will dispose of when those hornets calm down) and some signs of recovery among some of the plants. I'm considering ripping out the petunias altogether and planting some delphiniums I have that are still in pots. They're quite pretty and attract butterflies and hummingbirds, which we already have floating around the neighborhood. So, there is your gardening news for now, lol. Please tell me if you know what those squashy bits are.


I took these pictures while driving home yesterday.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I do love me some Kihei

I'm not so much for the Waikiki

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Gamble House - amazingly beautiful inside My photos are from just before the 2004 renovation began.

Gamble House front doors Posted by Hello

From the gardens behind city hall Posted by Hello

Inside the city hall Posted by Hello

Pasadena City Hall Posted by Hello